A Key(s) Path
A Key(s) Path

A Key(s) Path

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A Key(s) Path

Embark on a unique puzzle platforming adventure in A Key(s) Path. In this game, you have the power to take your keys and place them in the level to create platforms. However, there's a catch - once you place a key, you won't be able to use it for movement, making your progress more challenging.


Your objective is to navigate through each level, just like in any typical platforming game. However, you must exercise caution to avoid dangerous spikes and fireballs that can impede your progress.

Build Your Way with Keys

You have three movement keys (Left, Right, and Jump) available at the bottom of the screen. You can drag and drop these keys in the world to use them as platforms. However, be mindful not to use too many keys, as you might run out of movement options!

Once a key is placed, it becomes locked and cannot be used for movement until you retrieve it from the world.

Game Controls

  • Move: Use the Left and Right arrow keys, A and D keys, or Q and D keys.
  • Jump: Press the Up arrow key, W key, Z key, or Spacebar.
  • Place Key: Drag and drop the key from the bottom bar into the world.
  • Retrieve Key: Click on the key in the world or click on an empty spot in the bottom bar.
  • Retrieve All Keys: Press the Shift key.
  • Pause/Quit: Press the Escape key.
  • Fullscreen: Press F11.