Basketball Stars 3
Basketball Stars 3

Basketball Stars 3

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Basketball Stars 3

Experience the excitement of the fantastic world of Basketball Stars 3! Today, you'll participate in a unique basketball tournament where famous Nickelodeon characters take center stage. Get ready for an incredible basketball showdown against beloved cartoon icons! In this game, you'll put on a giant sneaker and bounce around the court, adding a twist to traditional basketball matches. Prepare to face three opponents and show off your skills!

Play a Whirlwind Basketball Tournament

To start, select your favorite Nickelodeon character. In Basketball Stars 3, instead of the usual basketball uniforms and sneakers, you'll wear a giant sneaker and use it to move around the court. Use the Left and Right Arrows to navigate from one corner to another. When you feel confident about scoring a goal, use the Up Arrow to jump high enough to reach the basket. You can also jump on trampolines using the same key.

The Space Bar is essential in the game. It serves two purposes: shooting the ball to score points and bumping into other players to take possession of the ball, which adds an interesting twist to the gameplay.

The more successful shots you make, the more fun the game becomes. If you perform well, you'll unlock limited special powers that make scoring easier. Keep an eye on small flying devices overhead, as they carry awesome power-ups that give you a significant advantage over your opponents!

Game Controls

Use the spacebar and the arrow keys to play.

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