Beaver's Blocks

Beaver's Blocks

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Beaver's Blocks

Beaver's Blocks

Celebrate Christmas with Beaver's Blocks! Make your gingerbread and hang your stockings to face the time-honored puzzle. Next, you will need to break the tiles and arrange the blocks of wood on the table in horizontal and vertical rows. Finally, cover the 3x3 spaces. You can embrace the Christmas spirit and sharpen your logic skills!

Enjoy your holiday and work with your family to solve these logic puzzles! As you open your presents, gather your family and friends to challenge each other to a puzzle. You'll be amazed at how far you can get by filling in the gaps with random pieces. Your best score will be your only rival's. You will have to look at things from different perspectives to gain more space. The game's endless gameplay makes it difficult. You should keep the central areas open to surprises and try to fill in the gaps. Always have a plan B for any three pieces that may come your way. It is important to remain calm and carefully scan the table in order to win. You can use the tools available to you to avoid sticky situations and rise to the top. As you improve, you will be able to achieve the best score.

How to play

  • Left-click and hold to grab a piece.
  • Hold left mouse button and move your cursor to drag the piece.
  • Release left mouse button to drop a piece on a desk.

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