Bloo Kid

Bloo Kid

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Bloo Kid

Bloo Kid

This retro-style platformer is a one-screen affair in which Bloo Kid helps his sweetheart save the wicked wizard. You will be able to jump, dash, and run your way through 96 levels. Bloo's initial journey has already been enjoyed by more than three million gamers. Don't wait and join the fun! Bloo Kid is often likened to Super Mario or Bubble Bobble. You must save your beloved one by defeating hordes and taking on boss monsters. This charming vintage love story has stages that are just right for one screen. It is ideal for pick-up-and-play gameplay.

Retro-style platformer featuring tough stages, beautiful pixel visuals, and chiptune music. This is 96 levels of classic action with NOW EIGHT worlds! Try Bloo Kid 2 now!

How to play

  • Use the on-screen touch controls to jump or run.
  • Jump on the enemies to defeat them.
  • Clear a level by defeating all enemies.
  • To receive the "flawless” star, you must clear a level before being hit.
  • To receive the "special star", grab the star at level's end.
  • Receive enough stars to unlock new worlds.

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