Bloons Tower Defense
Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense will take you to a beautiful land being attacked by balloons. No matter how beautiful they are, too many balloons can cause unbelievable threats. Therefore, you need to build a strong defense army to shoot down all of these balloons and not let them enter the beautiful forest. You can choose between five main types of towers with different prices. Of course, higher prices will have more surprising destructive power.

Plan a Good Strategy

  • First, you need to understand all the characteristics of the towers.
  • Then, choose a placement point that can destroy the most balloons from the moment they first appear. That means you should place some towers right at the beginning of the path.
  • Pay attention to the attack speed of each type to make reasonable changes.
  • Or, you can experiment with some settings and customizations in later turns.
  • Upgrade by buying more power for towers or selling them to get money to buy ones with greater destructive power.

Build Your Own Towers Defense

In Bloons Tower Defense, you can build a protective barrier with five towers: dart, tack, ice, bomb, and super towers. All information about each of these categories will be displayed when you hover over them. To set up a fence, you just need to drag and drop the entity you want at any location on the field.