Car Crash Simulator

Car Crash Simulator

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Car Crash Simulator

Car Crash Simulator

Car Crash Simulator allows players to relive their favorite crash scenarios thanks to its many options. Detonate or discover; battle your opponents in an arena where racing vehicles crash into each other! Earn money from your experiments, progress to higher levels, unlock all 31 cars, and observe how they react when they collide.

The competition is not about winning. This is the main objective of all types of racing. You earn points by damaging your car, causing explosions, and smashing into other cars. You can choose from many different arenas, garages, and platforms to test your physics knowledge. You will need to get off the dangerous streets of the city and into the concrete construction sites. There you'll be trying to find gold in the concrete and still make it to the finish line without your car exploding. Go to the garage after you have claimed your daily prize. You might be surprised at what else is in store. You can now test your limits in the freeride mode or accept challenges by playing in the trial or derby modes. You will have access to Ramp once you've reached level 5. Advertisements can help you make extra income and allow you to purchase the best automobiles at your level. To learn how to perform automobile sumo, you should practice your skills.

How to play

  • Movement: Arrows or WASD
  • Handbrake: Space bar
  • Nitro: F
  • Deceleration: G
  • Camera Control: C, B

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