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Coreball online is an exciting game you won't soon forget! It is possible to reach the leaderboards top! Challenge yourself and play for free right now! 

Coreball is a very addictive online game that you will find difficult to put down! Zigzag your way to victory! Coreball (also known as "Core Ball") is a famous online arcade game. The idea for this game was inspired by AA Ball, a console game released in 2015. This is a unique and inventive casual game that is a great way to pass the time. It's a breeze to play Coreball! Wait for everyone else to finish before attaching the number ball to the large ball and celebrating your victory. When you reach the next level, you will experience some lightheadedness, similar to when you are high. Try it!

The goal of Coreball is straightforward: get the ball into the core ball without colliding with any of the other balls attached to it. You will advance to the next level once you have completed the current one by successfully throwing all of the balls. Can you complete each level with as few retries as possible?

How to play

  • When you press the button, the little dot will speed up and fly into the big circle.
  • Stay away from the small spikes and other protrusions.

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