Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword

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Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword is a fantasy-themed 2D platformer game where you play as a brave knight on a mission to slay a dragon. However, there's a twist - your sword is clumsy and keeps growing bigger with each level. Your goal is to stab the dragon's heart with your sword, but as it gets larger, it becomes more challenging to maneuver in the dungeons. Good luck!

Game Overview

Deepest Sword was originally created for the Luden Dare 48 game jam. The developer had limited time to create the game, resulting in a simple, short, and enjoyable experience. Despite its simplicity, the game became popular due to its unique "pole vaulting" movement mechanics and sense of humor.

You control a small knight attempting to defeat the mighty dragon. However, your sword may not be long enough to reach the dragon's heart at first. If you fail, the dragon will mock you and unleash its fiery breath. But fear not, after each failure, your knight will get back up with an upgraded weapon.

However, the sword's length is not the only challenge you'll face. The game may look like a typical platformer, but it has a different control scheme. Instead of jumping, you must use your sword as a lever to propel yourself to different ledges. This can be quite tricky, as there may not always be enough space to swing your sword. Some areas are even designed as traps for unsuspecting players.

If you're patient and persistent, your sword will eventually be long enough to pierce the dragon's heart and save the day. Just be prepared to replay sections of the dungeon multiple times.

One downside to note is that the game heavily relies on double entendres for humor, which can become repetitive after a while.

Game Controls

  • Move: A and D keys.
  • Move Sword: Mouse buttons or left and right arrows.
  • Respawn: R key.
  • Full reset: 0 (zero) key.

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