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Dordle is a word guessing game in which players must guess two words at the same time while utilizing two boards, increasing the game's complexity over the original game Wordle. You will not be restricted to how many times you may play each day, so you can conquer Dordle anytime you choose.

Dordle is an online word guessing game based on Wordle, but it has been enhanced with more relevant and user-friendly features. Each round, the player will have seven chances to guess two erroneous words. It is possible to receive extra options if you properly answer two incorrect words. Dordle will provide you extra alternatives, such as the chance to improve features in the next round or to share your results with your friends through social media. You must, however, keep track of the time throughout each round since you must complete the assignment within the time period set in the challenge. Furthermore, the need to enter existing phrases into the dictionary complicates the game's completion. Learn about the newest features that are only available in Dordle by becoming a member now!

How to play

  • Each attempt must have at least five separate characters.
  • When you correctly build a word, the color of the letters will change to green, yellow, or gray to suggest how to fix the word.
  • Player will have seven incorrect guesses, try your best to finish the challenge as quickly as you can.

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