Down the Hill
Down the Hill

Down the Hill

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Down the Hill

Down the Hill invites you to step into the vertical sandbox world with the ultimate reaction challenge. This game challenges even the most extreme players with top-notch improvisational abilities. You may get dizzy with the constantly harsh situations in this complex terrain. There is no other way; only explore and progress after each round to improve your skills and break your own records. This is your primary goal in this engaging game!

Types of Terrain

  • Green grass or bare ground: In the world of Down the Hill, these are safe blocks to land on.
  • Blocks with trees or spikes: If the location of the tree is inaccessible, the places with spikes will cause the character to fall and lose.
  • Lava block: Your character will be burned if you jump into this terrain.
  • Roads in the city: Here, there will be other vehicles participating in traffic. You need to avoid head-on collisions with them to be safe.
  • Cracked Platform: As soon as the main entity lands here, the platform will collapse, causing a loss.
  • Other special platforms: You can encounter rotating blocks, teleporting blocks, and so on.

How to Control

You will control a character and a bicycle that move continuously down the stairs below using the left or right arrow keys. The platforms above will disappear very quickly, so be careful.