Funny Shooter 2
Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

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Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 is a fun entertaining FPS shooting game where players must defeat waves quirky enemies while navigating through different levels.

In Funny Shooter 2, players engage in a thrilling first-person shooter experience against a horde of peculiar enemies. Each level presents new challenges and obstacles, requiring players to quickly adjust their strategy and aim. Armed with a variety of weapons, players must defeat these absurd creatures and upgrade their weapons arsenal as they progress. As they roam the vivid and peculiar landscapes, they will encounter a variety of unique enemies and challenges. This improved version of Funny Shooter 2 boasts improved progression, featuring an array of exciting weapons, enemies, levels, achievements, and more. With its whimsical graphics and silly sound effects, Funny Shooter 2 is a fun and engaging game for players of all ages.

GoGoMan, the creator of Funny Shooter 2, has also crafted other action-packed games available on our website, such as Time Shooter 2 and Funny Shooter.

How to play

  • Mouse - look around
  • WASD - movement
  • W + Shift - run
  • Space - jump
  • Left Mouse Button - shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) - aim
  • Mouse wheel - next/leading weapon
  • 1-7 - weapon hotkeys
  • R - reload
  • G - throw a grenade
  • T - inspect the weapon
  • E - remove / remove weapon