Geometry Dash 69 Machine

Geometry Dash 69 Machine

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Geometry Dash 69 Machine

Geometry Dash 69 Machine

Geometry Dash 69 Machine is an Easy Demon level rated 10 Stars by Player. The first 22% of this level consists of a very simple cube. You have to make exact jumps through an area with several spikes and pass over continuous blocks and pillars. Next is a short area with several paths, the upper one always being the wrong one. Next, a semi-auto hub, and then an easy wheel.

The next cube is very simple; just follow the paths indicated by several large arrows that will be shown throughout the level. The end of this sequence presents a somewhat difficult time, and to this is added a short ship, which ends the level.

How to play

  • Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings.
  • Avoid the spikes.
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down.
  • Hit a yellow pad to jump high Hit a blue pad to jump higher (missing a gravity portal).
  • For bonus points, collect the coins.
  • Press L to toggle effects (to reduce lag).