Geometry Dash Acid Rush II
Geometry Dash Acid Rush II

Geometry Dash Acid Rush II

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Geometry Dash Acid Rush II

Geometry Dash Acid Rush II is an exciting level created by Serponge and a group of talented creators. This level serves as a sequel to the original Acid Rush level, with improved theming and gameplay. It is rated as an Epic Medium Demon level, earning 10 stars and featuring 3 user coins. Let's explore the level and discover the locations of these hidden coins!

Gameplay Breakdown

0-5% (Codex)

  • This section starts with a slow cube part with blue and green colors.
  • The player needs to jump across platforms, hit jump orbs, and go through gravity portals.
  • There are two trap jump orbs marked with crosses (x) at 1% and 3%.
  • An LDM option is available at the beginning.

5-10% (Jayuff)

  • Jayuff's part is another cube section with a toxic-green color scheme.
  • The player faces easy jumps, a pink dash orb timing, and more platform jumps.
  • They need to avoid saw-blades and spikes while following orb timings.

10-16% (Dudex)

  • This part is a normal-speed ship sequence with obstacles and spikes.
  • The player must fly between columns and spikes, with gravity portals adding difficulty.
  • They fly through a tunnel and a double-speed portal to reach the end.

16-24% (Optical)

  • Optical's part is a double-speed cube section with acid-based decorations.
  • The player jumps on cracks between platforms and goes through speed portals.

24-31% (Echonox)

  • Echonox's part is a double-speed wave segment with lasers at the bottom.
  • The player must avoid acid symbols, saw-blades, and detailed blocks.

31-40% (Lumpy)

  • This section is a fast-paced spider segment with occasional UFO segments.
  • The player faces sudden speed changes and technological-themed obstacles.

40-45% (ChaSe)

  • ChaSe's part is a difficult cube section with various orb-based timings.
  • The player jumps across platforms and goes through a half-speed portal.

45-57% (Serponge + Samoht)

  • The music changes, and the player enters a quadruple-speed ball segment.
  • Tricky timings with and without orbs are present.
  • This is followed by a quadruple-speed ship sequence with spinning obstacles.

57-64% (Thomartin)

  • Thomartin's part is a tricky double-speed cube section with orbs and gravity portals.
  • The player then enters a robot segment and a second cube section with similar obstacles.

64-73% (G4lvatron)

  • G4lvatron's part combines ship, UFO, and cube sections in a modern style.
  • The sections have double-speed, except for the ship sequence, which is triple-speed.
  • The player faces game mode transitions, spikes, orb timings, and gravity changes.

73-79% (Vlacc)

  • This section has a double-speed wave segment with tight spaces.
  • It transitions to a half-speed with gear obstacles.
  • Next is a double-speed cube section with orb timings and speed changes.
  • The flashing background can be distracting.

79-88% (Spu7Nix)

  • This part is a quadruple-speed robot segment with quick jumps, orb timings, and speed changes.
  • It requires precise timing and can be challenging.

88-100% (Kips)

  • Kips' part starts with a short triple-speed robot segment with simple timings.
  • It continues with an easy triple-speed UFO segment with gravity portals and saw-blades.
  • Then, a triple-speed robot segment with orb timings and a size portal.
  • Finally, a quadruple-speed auto mini-cube section that leads to the end with the creators' names.

User Coins

First Coin (Located at 13%)

  • In the ship sequence, there is a small red button above the block at 1%.
  • The player needs to jump to the bottom of the top block and press this button.
  • Pressing the button moves a lamp downward, leading the player to a roof area where they become a mini-cube.
  • The cube section becomes slightly more challenging.
  • In Jayuff's part, the player must skip the second blue orb at 8% and jump into a crevice in a block containing a necessary potion.
  • After jumping over the spikes, the player needs to fly up to the coin at 13% to collect it.

Second Coin (Located at 67%)

  • Just before a triple speed- and ship portal, the player can find the second coin.
  • At 60%, the player needs to skip the normal route containing a blue orb and collect a potion instead.
  • They must perform a big robot jump over a small saw blade, which will land them upside down on a fake spike attached to a set of blocks.
  • Another big jump with the robot will lead them to a platform with the key.
  • After returning to normal gravity using a blue pad, the player needs to complete a few cube jumps similar to the regular route.
  • After traveling through a teleportation portal, the player should hold down while jumping as the cube to skip the jump orbs and land on the ledges.
  • The third coin can be found on the last ledge.

Third Coin (Located at 81%)

  • In the robot segment, the third and final coin is hidden.
  • At 23%, the player needs to collect a key by jumping to the surface from above.
  • Inside a pipe, they will find the key.
  • When the player reaches the robot segment at 81%, they should jump at a minimum distance from the edge of the platform.
  • This jump will take them into a slot with the hidden coin.


  • The level is free to copy.
  • It consists of 79,647 objects.
  • Geometry Dash Acid Rush II is the sequel to Acid Rush and the prequel to Acid Rush III.
  • The user coins were added by ViPriN.
  • This level was rated on February 24, 2018.