Geometry Dash B

Geometry Dash B

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Geometry Dash B

Geometry Dash B

Geometry Dash B is a Medium Demon collaboration level bee themed rated 10 stars and 2 user coins, created by Motleyorc and ScorchVx and published by Motleyorc. It is a bee-themed level in yellow and brown, featuring beehive-like patterns and a boss battle against a huge bee.


  • 0-17% (ScorchVx): A simple cube section starts the level. Blocks are made of hexagons, which represent honeycombs. The block design contains large honey pools and several hexagonal orbs. (Each orb in the level are hexagonal). Background features include a silhouette bee, which rotates with the music and a pinwheel effect. The player can choose to enable LDM or ULDM during this section. The level becomes a spider section at 8%. This section has tight timings as well as jump pads and orbs. Additional honeycomb pools are featured in the decoration, as well as a new honeycomb block design. The background has honeycombs that change with the music and the foreground shows dancing bees moving along the sides and top of the screen.
  • 17-42% (Motleyorc): This section introduces level's boss. It is a large honey bee. The player controls a ship and must navigate around hive structures to avoid being stung by stationary bees. The boss occasionally turns around to try to sting the players, and sometimes sends small bees that the player must dodge. At 30%, the player is made a UFO by the boss. However, his attacks don't change. A swarm beetle slowly approaches the screen from the left during the UFO section. The block design of this section is inspired by beehives. The background has honeycombs that undulate and pulse to the music.
  • 42-71% (ScorchVx): This section is the robot gamemode. It features many jumps and orbs of different sizes. Blocks are made up of hexagonal honeycombs that move faces and a background with rotating concentric circles with a bee face. The player will then be faced with a 4x speed ball section. This section requires quick clicking and timing. The screen's top and bottom have rows of bees, their stingers visible. This will make it very difficult for the player to click.
  • 71-100% (Motleyorc): This section continues with the boss-fight of Motleyorc’s first section. However, the bee is now furious. The player must be a wave and avoid honeycomb hexagons. The boss will then direct them to navigate through narrow diagonal corridors. The boss is surrounded by large bees that fly by in the background. While the decoration changes, the player becomes a spider. The boss is then thrown off the screen by the text "I HAVE BEE FATED". The level ends with a simple segment of normal speed cube that has a large queen bee in its background. This is followed by an end-screen.

User coins

Two user coins are contained in B:

  • 19% is the first location for the user coin. The player must take the lower path and fly between the two bees, without touching them.
  • At 45%, the second user coin can be found. The player must jump over the green dash and land on the platform where the coin is located. The player will need to do a big robot jump, hit the green orb and then return to the main route. This route is easier than the main one.


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