Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full
Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full

Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full

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Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full

Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full by God of Music is a challenging Hard level that is rated 5 stars with 3 user coins. This game is the second level of the Poison Gauntlet and is an extended version of Beast Mode from Geometry Dash World.


Beast Mode Full is divided into three sections, each with different challenges and obstacles:

  • The first section of the game starts with a normal-speed cube that passes by an LDM key. The player must jump over spikes and use orbs and pads to navigate through the obstacles. At 11%, the cube becomes mini-sized, which continues until 17%, where the cube returns to normal size. This segment features more tricky gameplay with gravity- and speed portals. At 31% lies the first user coin.
  • The second section of the game starts with a UFO segment that contains several moving walls. In the background, there is a sphere with text saying "Level by GoM" and "Song By Dex Arson". The player must navigate through the obstacles while spikes cover the floor and roof. At 56%, there is a short spider segment, while the background text says "Enjoy." Following this is a short ship segment with the second user coin and a smiley face in the background text. Right after this is a ball segment, where the background orb moves above the player, and white lines spin around it. Almost exactly at 78% is a robot segment, which ends with the player dashing into a cube portal.
  • In the final section of Beast Mode Full, players navigates through a beige-like terrain platform as a horde of monsters approaches them from behind. The level shakes and flashes, and the music builds up as the player climbs up the platforms. At 94%, the player picks up a pink flask before entering a corridor with blue gravity pads at triple-speed right before the drop. The game ends with the player passing through God of Music's logo and receiving the third user coin.

Interesting Facts

This game contains 12,762 objects, making it a visually impressive game. Despite its name, the song itself is close to 4 minutes in length (3 minutes and 51 seconds), providing a long and enjoyable gameplay experience for the players. Additionally, this game is known for being a little over twice as long as the original Beast Mode from Geometry Dash World. With its challenging gameplay, excellent music, and impressive graphics, Geometry Dash Beast Mode Full is an engaging game that will keep players coming back for more.