Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS
Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS

Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS

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Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS

Geometry Dash BuriaL TombS is an Epic Easy Demon level rated at 10 stars. This level was created by a team consisting of JHYMHMHY, Dakiro, Apstrom, and Isaacpl01. Prepare yourself for countless challenges and obstacles that await you in this version.

Player Review

Prepare to be amazed by this visually stunning level that takes you deep into an underground or burial-themed setting. From intricate monster artwork to impeccable block design and mesmerizing effects, every detail in this level has been crafted with great care and attention. The creators have truly gone above and beyond to create a visually breathtaking experience from start to finish. 

One of the standout features for players is the incredible artistic backgrounds and meticulously designed blocks, which often get overlooked in heavily themed levels. But in this level, they have been given the utmost importance, resulting in a level that feels truly unique and well-crafted.

Game Controls

Use any of the following methods to jump: press the up arrow, W key, spacebar, or simply click. Be careful to avoid touching the spikes, as they will lead to failure. In ship mode, hold the button to fly up and release it to fly down. To jump higher, hit a yellow pad, and for an even higher jump, hit a blue pad (useful when you miss a gravity portal). Don't forget to collect coins along the way for bonus points.

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