Geometry Dash Cloudy
Geometry Dash Cloudy

Geometry Dash Cloudy

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Geometry Dash Cloudy

Geometry Dash Cloudy is an Easy Epic level by DHaner, featuring an easy difficulty rating of 2 stars and 1 user coin. As you begin the level, you'll notice a distinct similarity in style to the classic game Tetris. Yes, you heard it right! Blocks of various colors seamlessly arrange themselves, immersing players in the nostalgic world of a classic puzzle game. However, this cube's journey through the Tetris-like world is short-lived. After approximately 7 seconds, it transitions into a pixelated platform game world, showcasing detailed designs of simple flowers, birds, and sharp rock-shaped obstacles.

The next phase introduces us to the main world, a realm of clouds and vines in the sky. Here, the square character will ride an airship or transform into gear form while passing through teleportation gates to overcome aerial obstacles, such as hot air balloons and sudden appearances of giant flowers. Follow the arrow symbols and let the birds guide you to your destination. Additionally, the level incorporates ideas inspired by the famous game Flappy Bird, adding diversity to the gameplay experience. While this Easy Demon level contains 1 user coin, players must collect 12 mini coins scattered throughout the level to unlock the real coin located at the end of the path. Best of luck!


Coin: 96% (Collect the key at 2% and gather every 12 mini coins):

  • Coin 1: Hit the ? block at 7%
  • Coin 2: Skip the yellow pad at 14%
  • Coins 3 & 4: Located at 29% and 35%
  • Coin 5: Skip the green dash orb at 56%
  • Coins 6, 7, 8 & 9: Pop the red balloons at 62%, 64%, 67%, and 73%
  • Coins 10, 11 & 12: Found at 86% and 88%