Geometry Dash CRUSH

Geometry Dash CRUSH

Geometry Dash CRUSH

Geometry Dash CRUSH

Geometry Dash CRUSH

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Geometry Dash CRUSH

Geometry Dash CRUSH is an Easy Demon rated 10 stars and 3 user coins that designed and validated by Subwoofer. In the Qubert tale trilogy, it is the third and last chapter. The objective of the level, which has an escape theme, is for the player to escape the headquarters of the nefarious group known as Two-Faced Agony, or simply TFA.



Qubert is taken captive by them to the Boss' building after the Diamond was stolen by two other cubes (headquarters). Eyegore, a different cube, claims they are a member of the Two-Faced Agony (TFA). IKEA allegedly occupies the first three stories. Eyegore said that he abducted Qubert as a result of "boss' instructions." Qubert is "going to be here for a long," according to Eyegore, since he was told not to murder him until "the mech was finished." Qubert is then sent to the dungeon, where the level really begins.

During level

0%-6%: The level begins as a little cube. This first level, which is situated in the dungeon (supposedly) of the headquarters, is quite simple with moderate timings and gravity shifts. At the conclusion of this level, you may find a small coin.

6-12%: The level then changes to a part involving ships. With moving and swinging sawblades, the player must fly across an open space after shrinking back to their normal size. An AK-47 assault weapon, a default cube, a star, and an Arb's cube are among the ornamental shrubs. During this level, four mini coins may be discovered.

12–19%: The level changes into a ball after the ship. The player has a few distinct options, all of which lead to the stage's conclusion. Additionally, this stage features various mobile platforms. The player turns miniature at 16%. The stage's conclusion brings about this consequence.

19–28%: After that, the player enters a typical-sized robot portion. Here, hitting moving platforms may be difficult, and timing a leap incorrectly might cause a crash. The player turns into a cube at 21%. The player simply has to invert gravity before striking a red orb, which converts them back into a robot at 22%, making this section simpler than the robot. The whole segment is still in anti-gravity, then at 23% it switches back to a cube with regular gravity. The level changes into a wave portion with tight areas at the 25% mark.

User Coin(s)

The very first user coin is found at 65%. The player must get six mini-coins for one, one of which is tucked away in a bush, and two mini-coins worth five, totaling a score of 16 in order to collect it. The first 45 seconds of the level are where you may find all eight coins, which are dispersed around. When the level has been completed for around 47 seconds, jump to a hidden mini-shop and get the item marked 16. The next step is to traverse a block as a mini-spider for another coin [uncertain, pls help verify] approximately a minute and 12 seconds into the level. The bridge at the end will collapse if you gather any of the keys or spikes that are located in the cramped tunnel. The coin will show up in the following ship sequence between two rectangular platforms if all of these requirements are satisfied.


  • There are 92,916 items in the level.
  • A 2m 36s level is a length.
  • A level from FunnyGame with the same name is referenced by the phrase "two-faced misery."
  • Subwoofer: Level creator and video editing
  • Zircon's "Dirt Devil" is a level song.
  • Recording Level: KingTony
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