Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep
Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep

Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep

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Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep

Get ready for the intensity of Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep, a Hard Demon level rated 10 stars. This level is a solo Hard Demon, originally created, hack-verified, and published by Neptune. It serves as a remake of the main level Clubstep and was known for its extreme difficulty due to its memorization, challenging timings, and skill-based UFO and ship segments.

Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep's Gameplay Overview

The level kicks off with a tricky cube section that relies heavily on memory, featuring fake objects and tricky timings. With practice, this section becomes more consistent. The level's drop begins with a double-speed ship sequence that includes orbs, tight flying, and invisible spikes, providing an exhilarating challenge.

Following this, there's a somewhat buggy transition into a ball segment with multiple fake objects, which is then followed by a slow ball segment with tight timings. Next up is a demanding ship segment where players must skillfully align themselves in a one-block space. A mini-UFO segment follows, reminiscent of the official Clubstep level, offering a slightly toned-down difficulty.

Another memory-based cube section comes next, followed by a tight ship segment with gravity portals and a challenging UFO section with more gravity portals and difficult timings. The level continues with another ship sequence incorporating gravity portals and orbs, followed by a mini-cube section that requires careful memory skills. A timing-based ball part follows, leading to a short mini-ship sequence at the end of the level, where the creator, Neptune, is credited before the level concludes.

Notable Fails

  • JaqerHD crashed at 75% twice, 77% twice, and 82%.
  • Brandon Larkin crashed at 78% four times.
  • SoulsTRK crashed at 82% and 91%.
  • JustheenYT crashed at 90%.
  • AleXPain24 crashed at 91%.
  • AeonAir completed the level in practice mode on mobile in two attempts when it was released.

Interesting Trivia

  • Here are some interesting facts about the level:
  • The level cannot be copied.
  • It consists of 8,020 objects.
  • Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep has a duration of 1 minute and 26 seconds.
  • Unlike most Clubstep-themed levels, Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep is one of the first predominantly built in the 1.7 style.
  • It is possible to fly underneath Neptune's name at the end of the level instead of taking the main route above.
  • It is also possible to enter the last ship segment with reversed gravity.
  • There is a featured level called "deadly clubstep easy," which is a nerfed version of this level.
  • d4sh3r, the creator of Deadlocked v2, made a 2.0 remake of Geometry Dash Deadly ClubStep called New Blood.
  • LunarSimg became the first person to legitimately complete this level on September 20, 2014.

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