Geometry Dash Deadly Impact
Geometry Dash Deadly Impact

Geometry Dash Deadly Impact

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Geometry Dash Deadly Impact

Geometry Dash Deadly Impact is a 2.0 Easy Demon level created by Xaro and FunnyGame. It is rated 10 stars and features 3 user coins. This level serves as an official remake of Toxin Lab II, although the gameplay has some differences. Deadly Impact showcases various flashing effects, setting it apart from the original Toxin Lab II. The level offers very intense effects and fast-paced gameplay, but it may cause lag on mobile devices if low detail mode is not enabled.

Gameplay Overview

The level unfolds with an auto-ship sequence, with an option to enable low detail mode, displaying the words "DEADLY IMPACT". Following this, players enter a relatively simple cube section. It is followed by an auto ball part and another cube section with a single jump. Next, there is a moderately challenging ship sequence with portals and tight spaces, followed by an auto cube segment.

A ship sequence with a jump orb comes next, leading into a basic robot segment, followed by more auto ball and cube parts. Then, players encounter a tricky ship part with additional jump orbs. This is followed by an auto ball segment that leads into a slow cube section, serving as the level's drop. The slow cube section features random code-like words, including "BUNNYGAME," "CAUTION," and "ERROR."

After the drop, players enter an intense wave section. An auto cube part follows, leading into a ship part where players must hold down. Then, a basic cube part with an orb appears, followed by a similar ball segment. Another basic cube part comes next, followed by a slow wave with multiple size portals. An auto cube segment follows, leading into a UFO part inspired by Horizon, creating a sudden shift in gameplay.

A simple cube part comes next, followed by a ship part with a green orb. This is followed by a ball part with an orb, leading into a straightforward cube sequence. The level features some straight flying and then transitions into an auto cube section, followed by a UFO part with orbs and portals. An easy cube part with orbs follows, leading into a triple-speed ship segment and a challenging wave section with numerous size portals.

Next, players encounter a simple cube part with a few jumps. This is followed by a wave part that requires precision and quick reactions. Finally, the level concludes with the text "XARO & FUNNYGAME."

User Coins

  1. The first coin is located in the Horizon-inspired UFO segment. It is hidden on one of the platforms.
  2. The second coin can be obtained before the second part of the drop. Players should jump early and hit an invisible yellow orb to collect the coin.
  3. The third coin is situated below the block with a question mark at the end of the level. Players need to descend to retrieve the coin.

Level's Trivia

  • The password for the level is 552269.
  • Deadly Impact contains a total of 29,918 objects.
  • In the original preview, the words "DEADLY INFECT" appeared in the first ship segment.
  • One of the UFO parts in the level draws inspiration from Horizon.
  • This level marked FunnyGame's return to Geometry Dash after a period of quitting the game.
  • Around the 35% mark, the level features a text section with sentences like "Error code:", "Corgi is happy," and "Bunnygame."
  • FunnyGame is known for incorporating the word "Bunnygame" into his levels, as it is his nickname.

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