Geometry Dash Demon Jumper

Geometry Dash Demon Jumper

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Geometry Dash Demon Jumper

Geometry Dash Demon Jumper

Geometry Dash Demon Jumper is an Easy Demon level created long ago and posted by an unregistered player who known as Player ^. This level is located at the start of the Demon Pack 4 level series. One of the simplest games in the series, Demon Jumper is said to be an exceedingly straightforward Easy Demon. Its décor is quite simple since it is such an early edition. However, Demon Jumper has received over 8,350,000 downloads and over 447,000 likes and is very well known for its intricacy.


The first level is a cube stage that is both challenging and puzzling. Click on the spheres to jump on trampolines, and then jump on poles. It is important to not click on the misleading sphere or jump on the misleading trampoline. The ship phase is next. It requires that you fly at first without hitting the saws. The gravity will change, and then you'll need to fly in the middle of the sky to avoid hitting the spikes. We must fly above the obstruction once gravity returns to normal. Flying down will cause us to reach the saws, and we will fall.

The spacecraft transforms into a "UFO," and we must travel to the next stage. The UFO stage ends, and we must fly up. However, if you do so, the saws can kill you. We must then jump over spikes to click on spheres at the cube level. It is important to avoid touching misleading items. The next stage is the ball stage, where we must quickly change the gravity and click the spheres. We then move on to the ship stage, where we have to navigate safely and avoid contacting the spikes to progress to the next level.

The next level is the cube, and here we need to jump on the pillars quickly. It is important to go down the corridor and not jump on the fake trampoline at its end. We must then wait for a while. Then, we can jump on a gravity trampoline.

Interesting Facts

  • The level has a second iteration that is labeled as Insane in Demon Jumper v2.
  • Originally classified as Medium Demon, the level was eventually lowered to Easy Demon.
  • The popularity of this game is rated 29th out of all demons.

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