Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

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Geometry Dash Drippy Dub

Geometry Dash Drippy Dub is a Harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins, created by Danolex. It is the third level of the Chaos Gauntlet, and it has a simple gameplay mechanic and uncomplicated visual style.

Blade was the level that was originally ranked fourth in the Chaos Gauntlet. However, following the request of the level's author, Blade was withdrawn from the game and replaced with Drippy Dub, which was then pushed up to the third position. Following that, Kappaclysm moved up to the fourth spot.


0-18%: At the end, it will display the name and title of the author as well as the level's title.

19-28%: The music stops and the player is taken into a world where various game modes change constantly. The first sequence is a simple ship sequence that has lots of free space and no obstacles. Next, there's an autoball section and another ship sequence. The difficulty of the level gradually increases after the UFO changeover.

29-40%: The next section is a double-speed ball section. It consists of a simple ship sequence that has only two spikes. After this, a robot part with rapid speed changes and a remarkably short robot portion follows. Next, the player will experience a wave with larger areas. A simple normal-speed portion of UFOs with a moving column, a few undetectable portals, and a half-speed portal are all available at the finish.

41-52%: After the dual-cube section, there is a short double-cube section. The game then transitions into an ordinary cube segment. Here, the player can enter at triple speed and launch off a ramp to encounter portals of different sizes.

53-63%: After this, the player grabs a key that causes another cube to collapse behind them (53-63%). After a short auto section, the player is ushered into a double-speed UFO area with some additional invisible-sized portals. The player is abruptly thrust into the middle of a normal-speed ship scenario, which ends this section.

64-80%: At 71%, the word "Amazing", which is just before entering a sequence of ship sequences with additional fading barriers, and the phrase "Danolex Is Cool" can be seen. The player will then be ready to enter the final zone by entering an automatic cube segment.

81-100%: The level's final segment starts with a ship sequence with two spikes. Next, it moves on to a UFO section with very few cloud decorations. A longer segment with more open areas follows. The level is completed with one final auto cube section that thanks users for their participation and displays the credits as the music slows down.

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