Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

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Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth

Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth is a level that may be considered a rebirth or new version of a previously impossible level called Elite Z, created by a player named PLAY 4075365. Geometry Dash Elite Z Rebirth is an Extreme Demon level rated 10 stars, and it was created by Krazyman50/KrmaL.


The level begins with a challenging section where you control a cube. The cube starts as a mini cube and jumps over four small spikes until it returns to its normal size. You need to hit a yellow orb in a gravity portal at the right moment and navigate through three pillars that change the gravity. The cube section concludes with two sets of triple spikes and a short message that says "DIE...".

Next, you enter a difficult section where they control a ship. This part requires precise and straight flying. Afterward, you transform back into a cube, then a mini cube, and must remember the path through a maze of black blocks. As the level brightens up, the title "Elite Z Rebirth" appears on the screen.

You then encounter a segment where they control a mini UFO. This part follows the typical timing of an Extreme Demon level but at double speed. After returning to a normal cube form, you need to perform some rapid tapping. Moving forward, you become part of a dual mini ship section. Since this is a 2-player level, you can choose to have both ships follow the same path or each take a separate path. However, this choice does not affect the gameplay.

Following that, you transform into a mini ball and must hit orbs while navigating two paths that require memorization. In these paths, you must avoid the real spikes while passing through the fake spikes. The pace slows down as you become a cube again and encounter another block maze. This one is even darker and has a mirrored screen.

you then transform into a triple-speed ball, facing tricky timings. After returning to a cube form, there is another block maze, which is slightly easier, less dark, and slower. You transform into a ship and must navigate a spike maze by choosing the path with fake spikes. During a break in the level, you briefly become an auto-cube, showing a black demon-like face.

The level speeds up again, and you control a mini ship, requiring straight flying through spiked pillars appearing on both the ground and ceiling. Then, you become a mini UFO and experience gravity-switching before facing intense tapping above text that says "SO PRO?" The level concludes with a cube section where you need to jump over three sets of triple spikes. When the level ends, the screen displays the text "play 4075365," "airSwipe," and "krazy" in a grey circle with fading red X's that transition to black.


  • The password for the level is 133726.
  • The level contains 25,111 objects.
  • The level has a duration of 1 minute and 9 seconds.
  • Initially, on January 4, 2017, the level was ranked at #27 on the Demonlist, placed above Retention (#28) and below The Flawless (#26).
  • This level was one of the first rated 2-player Extreme Demons.
  • At the end of the level, a red line descends and splits into multiple lines forming a 'Z' shape.
  • On May 3, 2020, Glitched Memories' placement pushed Elite Z Rebirth to the Legacy List of the Demonlist.

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