Geometry Dash Empyrean
Geometry Dash Empyrean

Geometry Dash Empyrean

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Geometry Dash Empyrean

Geometry Dash Empyrean is an epic Harder collaboration level rated 7 stars, created by Viprin, ChaSe, Darwin GD, Nicki1202, MrKoolTrix, Enlex, and Terron. It is the last level of the Magic Gauntlet and the well-known winner of Gauntlet Contest 3, which determined which levels would be included in the Magic Gauntlet.


  • ChaSe97: The level begins with a half speed cube section. The player will then become a ship in the tight section of the ship with some gravity portals. A short cube section is followed by a UFO section that has more gravity portals. The yellow portal at 13% is a common stopping point. Players should not click immediately after entering the portal. However, they should wait until later to avoid running into a saw. This part ends with another cube piece.
  • Darwin: The speed picks up at Darwin's section with a double-speed robotic part. The robot section is followed by a section of ship that contains gravity portals. The part ends at half speed with another robot part. The player chases a flying book throughout the entire part.
  • Nicki1202: Nicki1202 begins with a short triple-speed ship section before quickly becoming a cube section. A second ship segment follows, before turning back into a cube. The part ends with an auto cube, the level's name and all names of the participants.
  • MrKoolTrix: The drop begins with a quadruple speed ship part. After a ball part, speed quickly picks up again, after slowing down briefly to triple-speed. After a confusing dual UFO part, the speed changes several times. After briefly becoming single, players transform into cubes, and the part ends in a fast cube.
  • Enlex: Enlex's part starts with a triple speed cube part that has many sizes and gravity portals. After briefly reaching quadruple speed, the speed drops to triple speed at an auto cube. However, it quickly speeds up again at a UFO section. After a ball section with many speed changes, the player moves into a very brief triple-speed spider section that quickly transforms back into a cube. The level ends with another section of auto cube at the quadruple speed.


  • This level has 65,072 items
  • Odyssey was the unknown winner of Gauntlet Content 3.
  • With 251K downloads, Odyssey is more popular than Empyrean's only 119K.