Geometry Dash Ethereal
Geometry Dash Ethereal

Geometry Dash Ethereal

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Geometry Dash Ethereal

Geometry Dash Ethereal, created by HaoN, is a Hard level rated 5 stars and features 3 user coins. In this level, your objective is to navigate through a treacherous path filled with thorns and dangerous monsters while avoiding all obstacles. It is crucial to ensure that your cube does not come into contact with them. You have the ability to slide, jump, or even fly over the obstacles, but be aware that even a single touch can instantly destroy your character. 


  • To jump and leap onto yellow rings, press the up arrow, W key, Space bar, or simply click.
  • In ship mode, hold the designated key to fly upwards and release it to descend.
  • Jump high by hitting a yellow pad.
  • For an even higher jump (missing a gravity portal), hit a blue pad.
  • Collect the coins for bonus points.

Who is HaoN?

HaoN is a well-known and talented level builder in the Geometry Dash community. They began building levels starting from version 1.9. Many of their levels have received ratings and gained substantial popularity. Their level, Haunting, even made it into the Blade Pack level set. All of their 2.1 levels have achieved recognition in the hall of fame. HaoN also participated in the mega-collab Photovoltaic, led by Mazl. Additionally, HaoN held the position of moderator and was later promoted to senior game moderator on March 29, 2018. However, due to decreased activity in the game, they were demoted to a moderator on September 22, 2019.

While not as prolific in completing levels, HaoN has approximately 30 completions on their account, including some complex demon levels.

HaoN also operates their own YouTube channel, which boasts over 1,000 subscribers.