Geometry Dash First Race

Geometry Dash First Race

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Geometry Dash First Race

Geometry Dash First Race

Geometry Dash First Race is a Harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins created by Stamina. It is the third level in theĀ Fire Gauntlet series. The level eases you in with a slow-cube section before doubling the pace. Following a quick sequence set on a spacecraft, the action shifts to a segment set inside a little cube. A mini-ball phase follows a short return to full size. Ships of varied sizes and gravities come next, after a mini-cube and mini-robot segment. The next part is a half-speed cube filled with a wide variety of vehicles of different sizes, masses, and speeds. The level culminates with a half-speed UFO section, which follows a half-speed wave part.

User Coins

At 20%, in a little cube segment, users will get their first coin. The player must misjudge an orb and hit a 17% slope, sending them in the opposite direction from the one they would normally take to get the coin.

During a segment involving a little robot, the second user coin is at 40%. At 37%, the player has to dive under a platform to get to a gravity vortex that will send them on a different path to the coin.

Within a cube segment, the third and final user coin is at 78%. At 74%, if the player hits a green orb, they must not change paths. There, the player has to make it over a triple-spike jump, climb up through gravity portals, change into a robot, make a hard jump, get a coin, and then go back to the main path of the game.


  • The total number of items in the level is 18,887.
  • This stage is the most popular one in stamina right now.
  • The time limit for this chapter is 1 minute and 10 seconds.