Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes
Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

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Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes is an extraordinary Insane Demon level that has been given a daunting 10-star rating. Created and published by UserMatt18, this level has garnered great acclaim and is considered to be UserMatt18's most impressive and challenging creation yet. Verified by Enlex, it has gained recognition for its exceptional design and intense gameplay.

Some interesting facts

  • Impressive Object Count: The level boasts an astounding 35,248 objects, showcasing the intricacy and complexity of its design.
  • Length and Timing: Frizzantino Vibes provides an exhilarating experience that lasts for approximately 1 minute and 5 seconds. Within this relatively short duration, players are faced with a barrage of obstacles and challenges.
  • Ranking on the Demonlist: When initially released, the level secured the 81st position on the prestigious Geometry Dash Demonlist. Placed above Excessive Compliment (#82) and below Arcadelocked (#80), Frizzantino Vibes proved itself to be a formidable addition to the list.
  • "Mojito Funk" Remake: TheAlmightyWave crafted a remake of this level, titled "Mojito Funk." Verified by Kapinapi, this version pays homage to the original Frizzantino Vibes while adding its unique flair.
  • Controversial Opinions: While Frizzantino Vibes has received widespread acclaim, it has also faced criticism. Smiffy777, a prominent player, has labeled it as one of the worst Insane Demons in the Geometry Dash community. However, opinions may vary, and the level's difficulty and intricate design continue to captivate players.
  • Epic Rating: Frizzantino Vibes holds the distinction of being the only Insane Demon level on the Demonlist to receive an Epic rating. This further emphasizes the level's exceptional qualities and the immense challenge it presents to players.
  • Legacy List Placement: On July 25, 2019, the introduction of Hyper Paracosm to the Demonlist knocked in Frizzantino Vibes being placed on the Legacy List.