Geometry Dash Futura
Geometry Dash Futura

Geometry Dash Futura

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Geometry Dash Futura

Blast off into the cosmic unknown with Geometry Dash Futura, a fan-made odyssey that propels the iconic cube into interstellar overdrive. Created by visionary user MR GODZILLA 130, Futura infuses the wildly addictive rhythm runner with an out-of-this-world makeover.

The adorable cube you know and love is back with a sleek new look, ready to surf starry soundwaves across the cosmos. Futura features six larger-than-life levels brimming with galactic gameplay and spacey aesthetics to take your skills to stratospheric heights. With four complete levels and two more in the works, the astro-adventure has only just begun. Can you guide the cube through the uncharted depths of Geometry Dash Futura and master the cosmos?

This project currently has 6 levels, of which MR GODZILLA 130 has completed 4 active levels, including:

  • Solad Wind with Hard difficulty
  • MetaCraft with Harder difficulty
  • The Quest with epic Hard difficulty
  • The Bigening of Time on Insane difficulty
  • Deadopen on Demon difficulty (ongoing)
  • Monody with Harder difficulty (ongoing)