Geometry Dash God Yeeter

Geometry Dash God Yeeter

Geometry Dash God Yeeter

Geometry Dash God Yeeter

Geometry Dash God Yeeter

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Geometry Dash God Yeeter

Geometry Dash God Yeeter is a creation level by the mastermind DanZmeN. This electrifying Easy Demon level, rated 10 stars and 1 user coin, will push your skills to the limit and leave you craving for more.


As you dive into the first section, you'll need lightning-quick reflexes to navigate through gravity-defying obstacles. Just when you think you've mastered the rhythm, a Clubstep monster design appears, challenging you to maintain precision amidst a spike-filled frenzy. Your only hope lies in tapping a red orb to progress.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Prepare to flip your world upside down as you transform into a spider. In this mind-bending game mode, you must synchronize your gravity flips with the pulsating beat of the music. It's a mesmerizing dance of danger and skill, leading you to a red jump pad that propels you into the next section.

Control of the ship and soar through a treacherous maze of spinning blades. Your every move must be calculated to avoid a disastrous collision. As you fly, a fearsome Clubstep monster with a piercing gaze looms in the distance, signaling the imminent drop of the song. The adrenaline rushes through your veins as you descend a slope, with the level's title soaring overhead.

Transformed into a UFO, you navigate between the halves of a monstrous entity. Timing is everything as you transition into a wave segment, where moderate spamming is your ticket to survival. The jaws of the God Yeeter close in on you, intensifying the thrill of the chase.

Finally, you find yourself in a ship section engulfed in a fiery inferno. Fireballs rain down, threatening to consume you. Only through careful maneuvering can you navigate this perilous obstacle course unscathed.


  • God Yeeter was the 81st Weekly Demon, a testament to its legendary status. 
  • The concept for this level originated from a player named "DJVEE," who shared the idea with DanZmeN. Months later, after much anticipation, this awe-inspiring creation came to life.
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