Geometry Dash Groovy
Geometry Dash Groovy

Geometry Dash Groovy

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Geometry Dash Groovy

Geometry Dash Groovy is a Hard level rated 4 stars with 3 user coins. It is a collaboration between players Adiale and DivinePotato and was created in version 2.0 of the game. The level features early basic-style decoration and has a duration of 1 minute and 10 seconds.

While not widely popular, the level offers a significant challenge within its difficulty category.

Gameplay Breakdown

The level begins with a simple cube stage where you need to jump on pillars and avoid spikes. After that, you transform into a ship and fly through the middle section. Next, you enter a UFO portal where you must navigate around spiked diamonds. This is followed by a wave section where you also need to maneuver past diamonds.

Afterward, there is a short cube section, followed by a ship section similar to the first one. This is followed by another UFO section, resembling the first. Then, you encounter a ball stage where you must change gravity and click on spheres. The gameplay then transitions to an accelerated cube section where you need to jump on platforms and pillars. Next, you navigate through a ship in a tunnel filled with spikes. There is a brief robot stage before encountering simple and short sections of UFO, wave, and ship. The level concludes with a straightforward UFO stage.

Congratulations, you have completed the level!

Where are the Coins?

  1. The first coin is located at 26% of the level. To collect it, you need to fly over a diamond-shaped block.
  2. The second coin can be found at 66% of the level. To collect it, you need to fly closer to the bottom part of the level.
  3. The third coin is placed at 95% of the level. Collecting it requires a sharp descent followed by a quick ascent to avoid hitting spikes.

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