Geometry Dash Holy Power

Geometry Dash Holy Power

Geometry Dash Holy Power

Geometry Dash Holy Power

Geometry Dash Holy Power

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Geometry Dash Holy Power

Geometry Dash Holy Power by TheRealDorami/Dorami and Nashii is an epic hard demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins.


Holy Power is made in two styles, namely the basic and neon styles. Due to these qualities, he was rated "Epic". And with this size, 78948 objects were used. Because of this, lags may occur on weak devices. But the builders knew what they were doing, so they added ULDM.

The level itself is rated as Medium Demon - Hard Demon because it has quite unexpected places to remember, and there are also narrow passages that are not so easy to pass, but the one who tested it, that is, Dorami, considers it Easy Demon.


The level starts with a complex cube where we jump on platforms/pillars and, in doing so, click on some spheres, as some are false. After that comes the spider stage, in which we change our position between the platforms while also not clicking on all the spheres.

Then comes a part of the robot, on which we make small jumps from the platforms, as well as on some pillars, and in the same way we press the spheres. Later, there is a segment of the ship where you need to fly through spikes and saws but in not-so-narrow passages, thereby changing the speed and gravity. Then comes the automatic cube stage.

This is followed by a long level cutscene that pulses to the beat of the music. After that, it finishes the automatic cube stage, and we move on to the UFO stage. On a UFO, we fly through obstacles at breakneck speed while we need to manually change gravity. Next comes the cube stage, in which we must jump and click on all possible spheres, among which there are no false ones, by reaction.

Next comes the ship stage, where we fly through small tunnels with a change in gravity. After that comes a mini-cube, on which you need to jump over several spikes. Then comes the complex bifurcation of the cube, the ball, and the spider. Then comes the cube segment, in which we click on the arrow, then we jump on the blocks, and then we click on the spheres.

Next comes a complex mixed stage in which we play as a cube (jumping and pressing on the sphere), a forked ship (flying in a narrow passage between the spikes), a cube (pressing on the spheres), a wave (flying through obstacles), and a spider (changing position between platforms and clicking on the spheres). And the level ends on the cube, where you need to jump over the spike.


  • The first coin is at 36%. For this, you need to collect three coins.
  • The first coin is at 6%. You don't need to jump, but just go down.
  • The second coin is at 13%. You need to change position to a trampoline that will throw you up. You click on the sphere, then change position to another platform where the second coin will be.
  • The third coin is at 24.4%. You need to click on the orb early to collect the coin.
  • The second coin is at 71%. You need to collect the key at 65%, and then you have to click on the sphere, after which you will collect the coin when you jump over the spikes.
  • The third coin is at 92%. You need to collect the key at 89%, which is collected by holding the button on the wave when we click on the sphere.
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