Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent

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Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent is an epic Hard Demon level with a 10-star rating, created by ViPriN. This level serves as ViPriN's last solo project and features a vibrant rainbow theme.


0-6%: The level kicks off with a moderately paced cube section that requires decent timing and memorization skills. Be careful not to touch any of the black diamond-shaped switches. Next, the speed increases as you navigate a ship sequence with moving obstacles and a somewhat challenging straight flying section.

7-25%: Following a brief section with a double-speed spam wave, the gameplay continues with a similar pattern. You'll navigate another ship sequence, this time with timing reliant on green dash orbs. Afterwards, a normal-speed ball segment awaits, demanding precise timing. This segment is followed by a double-speed cube section that mirrors the gameplay of the initial cube part.

26-51%: Up next is a double-speed robot segment with gameplay similar to the previous sections. This is followed by a triple-speed UFO segment that requires even more precise timing. As the level builds up to the drop, a fast-paced spider segment awaits. After that, you'll encounter a wave part that relies heavily on spamming, transitioning briefly into a tight mini-wave section before returning to a normal wave with pink dash orb timings.

52-75%: The drop finally arrives, introducing extremely fast-paced gameplay at quadruple speed. You'll navigate a spamming-based cube part, a short yet challenging mini-wave part, a ball section, a ship part with rotating obstacles, a mini-cube section with jump orbs and platforms, a timing-based spider segment, another tight wave segment, a cube section, and a UFO section with numerous gravity portals.

76-100%: The design shifts as you face a timing-based spider segment, a tight mini-wave part, a tricky robot section, an asymmetrical dual, a wave section, another spider part, another mini-wave section, and a tight ball segment. All of these sections maintain the quadruple-speed setting. Finally, the level concludes with a UFO segment featuring multiple gravity portals as the floor and ceiling gradually close in on the player. Upon completion, a custom end-screen showcases the colorful level title and the creator's name.


  • The level is available for copying.
  • It contains a total of 53,958 objects.
  • The level has been downloaded over 483,000 times.
  • It is ViPriN's first Demon level for version 2.1 of Geometry Dash.
  • This level marks ViPriN's final solo project.
  • With nearly 54,000 objects, it is ViPriN's most object-intensive solo level.

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