Geometry Dash Leyak

Geometry Dash Leyak

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Geometry Dash Leyak

Geometry Dash Leyak

Geometry Dash Leyak is an Insane Demon Level rated 10 stars collaboration produced by EnZore, Marwec, and Ilrell, released by EnZore, and certified by BoldStep. Marwec and ILRELL designed the layout, while EnZore embellished it. This level has a vivid "black magic" theme, with spectacular effects and intricate duals. It is EnZore's most renowned level owing to its decoration and the discussion regarding its difficulty, since many community members differ on whether the level should be classified as Insane or Extreme Demon.


  • 0-7%: This level starts with normal-speed mini cube timings at the top of platforms that have jump orbs. You should hit some of the jump orbs and hold on to others. Next is a UFO section with some jump orb timings. This section then transitions to a fast and tight wave spam.
  • 7-21%: The player is first thrown into a section with a triple speed robot where the player must perform small jumps and jump orbs. The UFO spam section is next. This section quickly transforms into a mini cube section with more timings. In a mini-wave section the player must pass through several fake gravity portals, hold down, and slide on D-block platforms. The player then goes through a section of shaky ships where they must go down multiple slopes and hit the jump orbs precisely. The pre-drop is completed by a short UFO segment, which sets the player up for the next section.
  • 22-26%: The level's name will be displayed, but the player must quickly spam yellow pads with black orbs. The player must complete three jumps that display the EnZore and Marwec names. To bring the player down, a final jump must be performed.
  • 26-33%: The drop starts with a quadruple speed cube, with some timings and a short wave. After entering a UFO section and making two inputs, players must spam the platform after they have fallen upwards. The player must return through the blue gravity portal to reach the green orb.
  • 33-38%: The player immediately gets thrown into a miniature cube dual, and the cube in reverse gravity becomes a normal-sized UFO. To get the top icon to the lowest, the player must use some timing. The icons go into a wave portal to receive a brief wave spam, before returning to an asymmetrical dual. The bottom mini cube transforms into a mini ship that must maneuver around spikes, while the mini cube hits blue pads. The spam end of the dual is a part with a small cube and a miniature UFO.
  • 38-45%: The player is now a cube. The next cube section contains jump timings on sloped platforms. You must play the same game as a spider. This section is completed with another segment of red orb string spam.
  • 45-50%: After a quick transition, the player is thrown into another dual. After a quick transition, the bottom cube transforms into a mini ball and the top cube becomes a yellow orb. The next segment, which is identical to the previous dual, is a dual-wave spam. Both waves are in the same gravity. The player will then be able to exit the dual and enter a more detailed cube part. The player must perform several jump orbs, while avoiding black orbs. This part features a very different background.
  • 50-54%: This section is the most difficult and confusing of all Leyak duals. This section is quadruple fast and completely asymmetrical. The player should practice it often. The dual starts with a mini cube and a cube, along with many teleport portals.
  • 54-62%: The player temporarily exits the dual and becomes a mini UFO. After passing through a fake wall, the UFO will send a mini-wave spam. The gameplay of the dual is the same, except for a mini cube and a mini wave segment. Two mini cubes complete the dual. As the player moves on to the next section, there is a "splash animation".
  • 63-68%: The transition involves a mini-ball part in which the player must slide down sloped structures and switch gravity to avoid hitting sawblades or spikes. There are then a few jump timings and another red string spam segment.
  • 69-74%: After a brief transition, the player transforms into a mini-UFO and must carefully input information to pass through gravity portals. Before the end of the level, an animation of an amulet is displayed.
  • 74-86%: This section's gameplay is more calm and returns to pre-drop style. Each part of the section is divided into four parts. The first is a mini spider that uses simple timings. The second is a mini cube in which certain jump orbs need to be reached and others must be missed by pressing down on the previous. The third part is a miniature UFO that has several gravity portals. The fourth and final section begins with a mini-ball that has simple timings. To end the level, the player must do a controlled wave spam.
  • 87-100%: At the end of the screen, a figure (the "Wayang") is seen hopping around while names of the creators and verifiers are displayed. The level ends with the level's name in the center in an artistic font.


  • There are 188,486 items in the level.
  • The length of the level is 1m 15s.
  • The 'Keris' and a 'Jimat' amulet featured in the level's backdrops, the 'Wayang' puppet displayed in the credits, a few areas of the level inspired by Indonesian batik, and the Leyak itself appearing in several locations of the level are all allusions to Indonesian culture.
  • The name 'Leyak' refers to someone who performs dark magic and worships the demon queen 'Rangda.'
  • This level was Demon #5 in EricVanWilderman's 12 Demons of Christmas 2020 series.
  • NEUTRA, a spiritual successor to Leyak, was also created in partnership with Marwec and ILRELL. AeonAir has agreed to verify it.


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