Geometry Dash Lit Fuse
Geometry Dash Lit Fuse

Geometry Dash Lit Fuse

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Geometry Dash Lit Fuse

Geometry Dash Lit Fuse, created by Krazyman50, also known as KrmaL, is an Insane Demon level with a 10-star rating. This XL level offers a vibrant experience with rainbow trance effects, flashing lights, and repetitive gameplay. It demands precise timing and features extremely tight timings in the cube section.

Intense Challenges Await

Geometry Dash Lit Fuse kicks off with a mini-cube section that presents highly difficult timings. Players must navigate through various jump rings, hitting them late, and executing crucial jumps. It requires landing on the edge of blocks with spikes, adding to the level's complexity.

The cube then launches upward, transforming into a normal ship. The ship section involves a lot of straight flying and gravity changes that sync with the music. Afterward, the ship becomes mini, offering some breathing room while maintaining synchronization with the music.

Next, the level introduces a dual section with a UFO and a ship. Players must keep the ship centered while rapidly spamming to keep the UFO on the ground. The ship then morphs into a wave, while the UFO remains unchanged.

Following the mixed dual section, the song drops, and the level shifts into a fast-paced segment filled with rapid vehicle, size, and gravity changes. At the halfway point, a rotating pentagram appears on the screen. This part extends for a significant duration before the level eventually concludes.

Fun Facts about the Level

  • The password for the level is 000002.
  • The level boasts an impressive 28,483 objects.
  • Blaireswip and SrGuillester created an unofficial sequel called Explosion, rated as an Extreme Demon.
  • The song follows a 5/4 time signature.
  • GDToday's 100 Greatest Levels of All Time list ranked this level at #36.
  • SirHadoken broke his own record for using the F-bomb in a level while attempting to complete this, surpassing 40 instances. The previous record stood at two.
  • This level holds the distinction of being Npesta's favorite level in the entire game.
  • The creator of the Extreme Demon Cold Sweat, Para, experienced a great stroke of luck on this level, completing it from 15%. Coincidentally, this accomplishment marked his 15,000th star.

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