Geometry Dash Lustre

Geometry Dash Lustre

Geometry Dash Lustre

Geometry Dash Lustre

Geometry Dash Lustre

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Geometry Dash Lustre

Geometry Dash Lustre is a popular and challenging level created by G4lvatron, featuring a crystal-themed decoration and offering a fun and engaging gameplay experience. Lustre is classified as a Hard level with a 5-star rating and 2 user coins. This game is also the first level in the Crystal Gauntlet, and players will find it to be a great way to start their adventure in this gauntlet.


Lustre is dynamic and fast-paced, with different phases featuring various obstacles and challenges. The game begins with the cube phase, where the player needs to jump over obstacles and hit orbs while navigating through a pink background. The next phase involves the player becoming a ship and facing more challenging obstacles while the background gradually darkens. During this phase, the player needs to change gravity to avoid obstacles.

The next stage features the player becoming a robot, with the background turning green, and a spinning circle appears in the background. This section is relatively simple and involves some easy clicks. Afterward, there is a simple cube sequence that lasts for a few seconds. The mini ball section comes next, with the gameplay slowing down, and the music calming. Some lines turn blue, while some remain green, and the player needs to navigate through this section while avoiding obstacles.

The mini cube section is relatively easy, which prepares the player for the coming drop. During the drop, the player turns into a ship, and the background fades away, replaced by another group of various shapes. The player needs to navigate through this section while changing gravity and avoiding spikes. Afterward, there is a cube section where all the colors almost fade. Another ship section follows, and due to a green orb, the ship is anti-gravity. The player needs to navigate through this section while alternating between the ship and cube.

Next, the player becomes a cube again, and a complicated geometrical object flies in the background. The only dash orb in the game appears, taking the form of two arrows. The last sequence involves the player becoming a robot and jumping several times before entering a dark screen. The level's name, creator's name, and the logo of G4lvatron will then appear on the screen.

Interesting Facts

  • Lustre is 1m 2s in length and contains 39,527 objects.
  • The game's song is composed by G4lvatron himself, adding a personal touch to the game.
  • This game got first place in Viprin's Gauntlet Contest 1, surpassing Crystal Essence by ChaSe, adding to its popularity and credibility in the gaming community.

Geometry Dash Lustre is an epic game that offers an excellent gaming experience to players. With its challenging gameplay, crystal-themed detailed decoration, and difficult coins, it is sure to keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

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