Geometry Dash Meat Rush

Geometry Dash Meat Rush

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Geometry Dash Meat Rush

Geometry Dash Meat Rush

Geometry Dash Meat Rush by RoiMousti is an easy demon level rated 10 stars and 1 user coin. This level is made in the basic style with elements of a spectacular one. The gameplay of Meat Rush is complex but not overly so, which is why it was rated Easy.

The length of the level is small—only 1 minute and 1 second. There are quite a few objects distributed along this length, namely 41943, so players with weak devices are advised to use the low detail mode. The soundtrack from this creation is already familiar in the game thanks to the well-known Breakout and Breakout Redux demons.


  • 0-20%-Cube stage. Here you need to start from the spheres and make simple timings when jumping after the blue trampolines; there are small white flashes. After the cube accelerates, the gameplay and music become more intense, flashes more often, then we notice the inscription: beatmeat:...
  • 20-35% Drop. First, we make a mini-jump on the robot, then a big one, we push off from the pink sphere, and then another big one. Next is a simple jitterclick. Also at 34%, there is an art to the dollar symbol.
  • 35-50%: This section includes an alternating ship and UFO: ships have light straights, and UFOs have 2 clicks in portals. The section ends with a challenging but short hell-style mini-wave with letter "E" art.
  • 50-62%-Again, cube. We still follow simple timings on spheres and jumps. However, the difficulty is a little confusion. The stage is accompanied by outbreaks and art of the hunger unit in Minecraft.
  • 62-73%-Wave. At the beginning of the stage there is an inscription "You can slide!" We must bypass the spikes, being able to slide over the blocks where there are none.
  • 73-86%-A new drop section, where the cube alternates, where we meet only one simple timing on the pink sphere, and a slightly more complex UFO, where a good reaction is needed. The decor is similar to the 50-62% stage but contains blue tones.
  • 86-100%-For "dessert", the author presented the player with a very difficult robot for beginners, where it is necessary to accurately withstand jumps and have a quick reaction. This adds fuel to the fire and the fact that this is the end of the level, because after jumping on the blue sphere, the player can exhale and see the final art with the inscriptions "Meat Rush By RoiMousti" and "Dedicated to Dashie".

Level is completed!


The only coin is at 66%. To collect it, the player must ride the wave above the block.

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