Geometry Dash PP
Geometry Dash PP

Geometry Dash PP

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Geometry Dash PP

Geometry Dash PP is an Easy Demon level, rated at 10 stars with 3 user coins. This level was created, verified, and published by AmorAltra, with an exclusive song composed by Boom Kitty. Initially conceived as an April Fools' Joke, Geometry Dash PP quickly gained popularity for its exceptional design and engaging gameplay.


Geometry Dash PP takes a unique and humorous approach, revolving around a person's urgent need to use the bathroom during a road trip. Here's a breakdown of the different sections:

Before the level starts

  • A text appears on a black background saying "ur pp smol," accompanied by AmorAltra's icon.


  • The level begins with a title screen, allowing players to enable or disable lyrics.
  • The opening segment provides a glimpse of the gameplay at double speed.


  • The gameplay commences, featuring a cube navigating through various obstacles.
  • The cube occasionally transitions into a ship mode, simulating a pickup truck driving on rough terrain.
  • A countdown synchronizes with the music, concluding this section.


  • This part offers casual gameplay as a cube at normal speed.
  • The speed occasionally changes, but not dramatically.
  • At the midpoint, the player transforms into a robot and then reverts to a cube.
  • Comedic artwork decorates the level, including speed limit signs with "69 MPP," birds, cats (one with a knife), and text humorously stating "MDK SUX."
  • Lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by a head resembling Boom Kitty singing.
  • The platforms on clouds lead to the "Pee Pee Shower" finale.


  • This section entirely consists of the ball game-mode.
  • Players must navigate carefully to avoid spikes.
  • The background showcases a showerhead symbolizing the "Pee Pee Shower," along with a bathtub, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.
  • The section ends with a long cube-dashing transition.

User Coins Info

  1. First Coin (36%)
  • This coin is collected automatically if the player obtains the key.

Key Location (19%):

  • The key to the first coin is found in the mini-cube section at 19%.
  • To collect it, the player must avoid hitting the last yellow orb.
  • Instead, they need to fall and transform into a spider.
  • Afterward, they must navigate past some spikes and grab the key.
  1. Second Coin (55%)
  • The second coin is located at 55%
  • To collect it, the player needs to time their jump to clear three spikes.
  • After jumping, they must click on a blue orb to fly upward.
  • They will then encounter more spikes and blocks to navigate and collect the coin before falling.
  1. Third Coin (89%)
  • The third and final coin is found at 89% in the robot segment.
  • If the player hits a cloud, they will be propelled upward and land on the clouds above.
  • From there, they must carefully jump over several spikes and click on three orbs.
  • After completing these actions, the player will fall and collect the coin.

Key Location (83%):

  • The key to the third coin is located at 83% inside a cloud.
  • The player needs to calculate their jump correctly and fly into the cloud to obtain the key.

Level's Trivia

  • The level is free to copy.
  • It consists of 131,420 objects.
  • The level has a duration of 2 minutes and 22 seconds.
  • Geometry Dash PP was the Weekly Demon from March 7th to 14th, 2021.
  • The level features 28 hidden Easter eggs and references.
  • The music video of the "Peepee Song" showcases Boom Kitty playing the level at a specific point in the song's lyrics.
  • AmorAltra's Friday Night Funkin' mod, V.S. Bob and Bosip, references the song in Ronald McDonald's Slide.

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