Geometry Dash Prismarine

Geometry Dash Prismarine

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Geometry Dash Prismarine

Geometry Dash Prismarine

Geometry Dash Prismarine is an epic Harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins, created by SirHadoken. It is the fourth level in the Crystal Gauntlet. Starting with a cube, you must navigate it through the stage's many rings while avoiding the stage's many spikes. The player then takes control of a spacecraft and must avoid colliding with "dropping carts" and a robot that resembles a cube under construction. The same thing happens with the spacecraft again, except this time it's in zero gravity. Then there's the alien spaceship, where you'll need to avoid saws and other hazards. Then a spider emerges, with gameplay mostly consisting of dash-orbs and jump-pads, before a wave where you can collect a coin is Fingerdash. Then there's the relatively sluggish cube, followed by its quicker and smaller counterpart. To wrap things off, there's a little spaceship with a passageway that looks a lot like a straight line—a kind of flight that's notoriously simple. The curtain falls after that.


  • The first one may be obtained by activating the coin ring at a percentage of 12%. Jumping upwards, rather than onto the green ring, is the only way to reach it. The coin is located at the 33% mark.
  • A small coin worth 50% can be obtained by descending the tight tunnel at the very bottom, another worth 51% can be obtained by squeezing past the saw, and a third worth 53% can be obtained by flying back up the same tunnel.
  • The third coin will appear at 96% if you obtain three skulls at 59%, 64%, and 71%, followed by three hearts at 81%, 88%, and 95%.

Interesting facts

  • In all of Crystal Gauntlet, this is the only level without a ball.
  • Prismarine is a kind of stone used in the construction of Minecraft's submerged temples. Maybe SirHadoken chose this piece of brick as the name for this level.
  • Since the first level (LDM) did not satisfy all readers, the author added ULDM as a more comprehensive alternative.

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