Geometry Dash Spooky Light
Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Geometry Dash Spooky Light

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Geometry Dash Spooky Light

Geometry Dash Spooky Light, created by Serponge, is a Normal level rated 3 stars and 3 user coins. Spooky Light was created in version 2.0 and has a unique art style that perfectly fits the theme of the level. The level is full of special ideas, including flashlight control, collection of lamps to illuminate the screen, and an interesting boss battle.

Spooky Light has a mini-plot, where the flashlight is the hero that defeats the dark forces and brings light to the world. It's because of this storyline that this level was set in the Shadow Gauntlet with first place.


As soon as the level starts, you encounter unexpected spikes that you need to jump over with the help of spheres. Then the art gameplay starts, where you are a small flashlight that makes its way through the darkness. Sometimes the screen turns black, and you need to remember where to jump. After the third fade, four ghosts that resemble Boo from the Mario game appear. The light comes back, and you proceed. Then you sit on a boat, and now you need to fly over the devices, which are flashlights, to illuminate the path in the dark. Although you can also fly without flashlights, it will be difficult.

As you progress through the level, you encounter more interesting obstacles. You get to the battle with the boss King Boo Ghost, becoming a UFO. Below you, there is a normal flashlight that is no longer fading. To defeat the boss, you need to direct this flashlight at the flying ghosts. If you don't want to lose, you have to be very careful. After the victory, which is accompanied by a sharp scattering of many ghosts, the world becomes bright. You turn into a cube and jump on wooden platforms in the forest. Finally, a flashlight man appears on a gray screen, and the inscriptions "Dedicated to Rustam" and "18k obj" appear.


  • At the very beginning of the level, at the moment with spheres, you can jump over spikes without spheres or jump on one sphere.
  • The ghosts in the level are enemies from the Mario series - Boo, and the main ghost is King Boo.
  • The beginning of the level was taken from the author's own game - Succi Succi.
  • Spooky Light takes 21st place in the list of the most popular levels, which shows that it is loved by many players.

Overall, Geometry Dash Spooky Light is a fun and engaging level with a unique art style, special ideas, and an interesting storyline. The level challenges players with its creative obstacles and culminates in a thrilling boss battle that requires careful attention to detail.