Geometry Dash StarShip
Geometry Dash StarShip

Geometry Dash StarShip

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Geometry Dash StarShip

Geometry Dash StarShip will lead you on a mysterious space exploration with a tricky geometric map. This user-level game has a 7-star Harder difficulty and 3 user coins. This is a game by developer Sumsar with the theme of space exploration filled with dangers. The harshness of the level is evident from the beginning, as the character's terrain and gravity transitions happen extremely quickly. If you are a newcomer, you will definitely need a lot of time to grasp the breakneck pace of the game.

Discover the Main Challenge

In Geometry Dash StarShip, there are many types of obstacles, such as spikes, saw blades, walls, and slopes. In particular, the danger that appears almost throughout the character's journey is the cogs. This object appears both in the air and on platforms, causing the character's range of movement to be extremely narrow. From there, the movements and navigation also become heart-stoppingly thrilling.

Your target is to maneuver the cube to avoid all obstacles and reach the finish line. No mistakes are allowed, or the round will start again. This is a challenge for players with high-class improvisational ability. Each key press must be absolutely accurate to continue the round.

The Unique Features

  • Geometry Dash's signature rhythm-based gameplay and space theme are appealing.
  • Simple control with just the mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key.
  • Game mode transitions each time the character changes form.

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