Geometry Dash Vanilla
Geometry Dash Vanilla

Geometry Dash Vanilla

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Geometry Dash Vanilla

Geometry Dash Vanilla is a Harder level rated 7 stars and 3 user coins that will captivate you with its cuteness and vibrant style. This collaborative creation comes from the talented trio of TamaN, JerkRat (also known as CreatorJR), and Skitten, who have combined their skills to deliver an extraordinary gameplay experience. Vanilla, a sweet flavor layer level, showcases the creative prowess of TamaN, Skitten, and JerkRat. This level features a colorful and visually appealing style, reminiscent of the renowned Geometric Dominator level. While the decoration may appear simple, it exudes a unique and captivating beauty that will keep you engaged throughout the gameplay.

The song Skitten uses is a catchy and energetic remix of the song that is heard during the fight against Napstablook, one of the characters in the Undertale game. The upbeat rhythm of the song perfectly complements the level's design, creating a seamless fusion of audio and gameplay.

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In addition to the captivating Vanilla level, there are two other inspiring creations that draw inspiration from it. These levels are:

  • Chocolate by ChaozGG
  • Strawberry by Sir Hadoken
  • Besides, Vanilla-Vanilla is a Harder 2.0 collab created by TamaN, Skitten, and Jerkrat and uploaded to Skitten's account.

Get ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey as part of the Ice Cream Trio: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Jump into the vibrant world of Geometry Dash Vanilla and let the adventure unfold.