Get The Milk

Get The Milk

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Get The Milk

Get The Milk

Get the Milk is an interactive vehicle-driving game with fluid gameplay. It adds a new twist to the traditional step-by-step hurdles and elevator courses.

Don't let your powerful engine and massive wheels fool you. You will find it more difficult to return home if you visit the milk shop while you're there. Even though our vehicle looks like an off-road beast, it will still be able to get around obstacles. It seems that it never ends! There are many ways to get through the obstacles. Even if you're not right next to the accelerator, you can still stomp the pedal. But you can only pass if your driving style is correct. Once you complete the obstacle course, you feel immediate comfort. There is a shorter time between quitting and success or failure than between trying again. You never know what twist of fate awaits you! Is it really that hard to get milk?

Get The Milk is created and developed by Milkman Nixe from Fancade. Play more other games of Drive Mad series like FarAway or Drive and Jive 2.

How to play

  • W, A, S, D or Arrow keys or Mouse or Z, X: drive
  • Space: retry and next level

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