Getting Over It: Mario
Getting Over It: Mario

Getting Over It: Mario

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Getting Over It: Mario

Getting Over It: Mario is a challenging game that requires cleverness and quick fingers as you navigate the Mario character using a hammer.

Main Gameplay

The main gameplay is not overly complex, but it's crucial to master in order to complete this moving game. Understanding the basic principles and rules will help you avoid risks and increase your chances of winning.

In Getting Over It: Mario, you must overcome various challenges on the maps by moving the character with a hammer. The main character, Mario, is confined to a container, preventing him from moving on his own. Your task is to manipulate the hammer to move him. The hammer can be wielded flexibly, allowing you to move forward, turn backward, lift upwards, or push downwards. When the hammer contacts other objects, it generates a force to propel you in the desired direction.

To make this moving technique clearer, consider the following example: If you use the hammer to hook onto a fixed object in front, pull yourself and use that pull to move forward. Conversely, if you want to go backward, push yourself instead of pulling. The way you use the hammer can vary and be flexible depending on the situation.

Additionally, note that the length of your arm and hammer can vary. Although the change may not be significant, it can greatly assist you in reaching objects at a distance. Learn to leverage this variation to make your movements easier!

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