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Granny has you locked in her home right now. As you awaken in a darkened room, your flashlight resting on a table is all you have. It feels like someone has given you a slap on the forehead. She is always listening to anything you throw on the ground and then running over to you. It's possible to hide in closets and under beds, but she will not find you. Granny is a shrewd and observant woman. It won't be easy. Granny is an online horror game that features frightening 3D visuals and a simple control system. Is it possible to escape this horrible house?

How to play

Granny Controls:

  • Action = Escape
  • Move = WASD
  • Crouch/Stand = C
  • Hide/Unhide = R
  • Pickup/Interact = E
  • Drop = Space
  • Remove bear traps/Place/Use = F
  • Shoot = Left click, Spray = Left click

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