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Harvest Honors

Harvest Honors

Harvest Honors
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Harvest Honors is a farm-to-table, competitive card game. If you have ever wanted to compete in a market of agricultural produce with the goal of being the most successful farm, then this is just for you! The object of Harvest Honors is to collect three different categories of produce in order to be considered the best farmer in all of Harvest County. There are six rounds in one game, so you will have plenty of chances to win if you are competitive enough!

It is important to know how to play the Harvest Honors Game before playing. To start, you must select a character that matches your strengths. Each player has their own specific strengths and weaknesses. You can also select to play with two or four players, because it makes it easier for you to strategize with an even number of people.

Your turn starts by rolling the dice and moving your character around the board according to the roll. The dice decides where your character moves this turn—either forwards or backwards, up or down, left or right. The goal is for players to eventually get back to their home base at the end of each round.

How to play

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for items to match.
  • LEFT CLICK to put them into groups of three or more.


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