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Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run OZ
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You have to take back Jungle Run OZ. If you're a vicious, angry monster with a bad temper, it will be fair to call you grumpy. It's normal to get angry at the mischievous youth who stole your potion. Are you ready to run for your life to get the potion back?

The mischievous youngster played a practical joke on yours and ended up with your potion. Despite the amusing appearance, you really need that potion. This boy is very fast. You must run for your life through the stone bridges in the enchanted forest, where you are currently living. Be aware of the many booby traps. The moment you come in contact with a trap, you will either fall or fail the level. Make sure you get all the green drops the young boy leaves. You will get more points the more potion you have. You can unlock new zombies or use mutations to improve your character. You'll be amazed at how far you can push the boy, and how much potion you will have as a result!

You will enjoy this platform game with captivating graphics. Check out our other running games to find many more options.



How to play

How To Play Jungle Run OZ


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