Just Click The Button
Just Click The Button

Just Click The Button

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Just Click The Button

Just Click The Button or just test your patience? This innovative puzzle game promises experiences you won't find anywhere else. Each click is not simple and must go through a series of unpredictable challenges. Players need to be observant to grasp the unique gameplay and rules of each level. The constant change in passing methods can make you dizzy but will definitely be addictive if you take the time to practice.

Understand the Game Rules

The fixed rule of Just Click The Button is that you need to click on the letters in alphabetical order. These keys may appear right from the beginning for you to find a strategy to overcome. However, for most levels, letters will appear one after another after you have successfully touched the previous button. The gameplay can be to navigate the arrow around, make the arrow jump, avoid red walls, and so on. Only when you participate will you feel all the diversity in every corner of this appealing game.

Control the Arrow

You will maneuver a green arrow touching each button. Just use the familiar mouse buttons, and you're ready to master every game in this charming challenge!

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