Kart Wars
Kart Wars

Kart Wars

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Kart Wars

Kart Wars will take you into fierce battles between online players around the world. Entering the open field in this beautiful land, what will you need to do? The player's mission is to control the warrior and the off-road vehicle to move around to search for and attack enemies.

You can choose a team to join before the round begins. Teammates will have the same vehicle color as the vehicle your character sits in. The round will end when one of the two teams has no remaining members left. Achievements will be calculated based on individual results and team points, if there is support. Therefore, you need to know how to combine many flexible tactics to become the most powerful warrior. Use the accumulated rewards to upgrade your character.

Power-ups and Unlock Numerous Cars

All your impressive achievements in Kart Wars serve the goal of unlocking charming upgrades. There are many types of vehicles you can choose from, from simple off-road vehicles to extremely powerful large-displacement vehicles. It's great to experience the feeling of driving in a virtual world with amazing graphics like this. Enjoy!

Navigate the Off-Road Truck

  • Move: the arrow or WASD keys.
  • Jump: the spacebar.
  • Shoot: the mouse click.
  • Nitro: the Shift key.