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Mello is a fun action game by chipm0nk that puts you in control of the main character as you navigate through each level. Your main objective is to complete each level, but watch out for spikes, blades, and other obstacles that can harm you. However, you can bounce on trampolines to gain extra height and reach higher platforms. Keys play an important role in the game. Make sure to collect all of the keys in each level, as they are needed to unlock locked doors and progress further.

How To Play

To start playing, click the "NEW GAME" button or choose a specific level to begin. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character around.

To drop through semi-solid platforms, use the down arrow key or press the "S" key. Be cautious when encountering chickens in the game. They can be used as a bouncing platform like trampolines, but they can also be deadly, just like spikes.

Once you reach the flag, you'll advance to the next level. If you ever need to restart a level, simply press the "R" key or click the restart button.


  • You can restart a level at any point by pressing the "R" key
  • Remember to collect every key in the level to unlock the doors
  • Utilize chickens as jump boosts, but be careful around them
  • For more challenging levels, take a moment to evaluate the scene and plan your actions before moving
  • Take your time, think strategically, and remember the saying "look before you leap"

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