My Farm life
My Farm life

My Farm life

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My Farm life

My Farm Life is a simulation game with colorful and extremely realistic images. You will transform into a hardworking farmer with your own property in a world owned by you. Starting with a small plot of land in the middle of the vast ocean, you can build an entire farm with top-notch agriculture right on your personal computer.

The Farming Gameplay

  • You will start My Farm Life with the expansion of your character's operating territory.
  • Cultivate agricultural products such as corn and sunflowers.
  • Raise cows, chickens, and pigs to collect raw materials such as eggs and milk.
  • Get random bonuses from the animals you care for.
  • Develop in all aspects by selling collected materials for money.
  • Completely expand the farm's scope to the maximum.
  • Unlock farming areas, optimize personnel, and upgrade and develop your property.
  • Players can also participate in daily tasks to improve their achievements in a short period of time.

Control Your Farmer

You navigate the character by holding down and moving the mouse around. When you need to interact with small tasks, you use the left-click key. Some activities only need to be approached by the character to automatically perform tasks such as selling goods, getting materials in the warehouse, and expanding territory.